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Skiing or Swimming?

Skiing or swimming? Skiing, but also swimming. After a good skiing day, the pool and swimming are more than welcome to chill out, especially if you are with kids. If the pool is warm, there will be nothing better for the recovery and rest of your muscles. I’ve been thinking for a while when the…

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Calling all Teachers. Is it time you looked after YOU?

Are you fed up with feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Do you find yourself constantly giving to others but just don’t seem to have the time to take care of yourself? Are you passionate about teaching but often forget to give the same attention to yourself? If you want to avoid burnout so that you can…

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Swimming in winter – 5 “cool” reasons in favour of it

Do you dread the thought of the preparation and layered clothes of small children, and taking those clothes off at the pool? I see, the thought of it makes you sweat. I’m sure that the idea of taking your children to the pool in winter sounds crazy. Swimming should not be restricted only to summer,…

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