PABS SWIM - Premium Aquatic Business Strategies


Do you already run a swim school but need direction? Or do you want to open a Swim School? We help you to understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world. Gain clarity to an invaluable network and expert knowledge, and watch your dream facility come to life.

We can customize a curriculum to suit your venues timetable and help you to factor in innovative programs into your business plan. We will help you shine. Reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time!!

Expertise Consultancy

The team behind Premium Aquatic Business Strategies (PABS) is behind the fast growth of quality baby swimming programs and Family Aquatic programs around the world! We have created an Aqua consultancy company, ‘Premium Aquatic Business Strategies’. The consultancy company is based on innovative ideas, optimum production and values. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships based on delivery, performance and quality of our work.

Julie-Ann James, is passionate about her work and continually researches and develops new programs to help baby swim businesses to grow and to be able to provide new and exciting classes to their clients, making them stand out in their area of expertise. Find out more out more about Julie-Ann, her work and how she and her team can help your baby swim business.

Teacher training – Update your Staff Knowledge & Expertise

Running an elite program requires well-trained staff that are on the “same page.” Providing comprehensive teachers packs with lessons that shape their creative leadership, will help your business to operate on a rolling business model.
Teacher training’s are a great way to enhance your swim school and boost Swim Instructors knowledge and expertise.


We have mentoring and teaching skills that will help your company evolve and we can write bespoke training manuals for the below programs:

  • New Born
  • Pre-school
  • All ages all levels
  • Adult Swimming
  • You can also add our new ground breaking concepts:
  • PABA, Parent & Baby Aquafit
  • Swimba: a Latin aqua class for Parent & child
  • Parent & Baby Spa
  • Swimbaree: A swim gym play centre

Our International team

Our International team are assembled for each assignment. We can create bespoke programs for your pool, micro managed with precision ensuring your growth is paramount. We have teams of consultants in the UK, Cyprus, Italy, France, Turkey, Taiwan and China. We are results driven, with experienced teachers that will help unleash the true potential of the trainees.

As part of our services, we can also offer to help you build your very own swimming pool.


We have the ability to turn your dream business into a reality. Building your own bespoke pool is affordable and easier to maintain than you might think. It’s a smart and secure investment, which will provide countless returns. We will work with you to design a bespoke pool to suit your requirements.

Take the first steps towards building your dream pool.

  • Decide what pool works best for you venture
  • Apply for a permit to operate your business
  • What type of pool do you require?
  • What dimensions will suit your needs? For example, Do you just want to run baby and toddler swimming or do you require a pool that’s big enough to teach all age groups?
  • A Spa pool is a great option for some. Small enough to run more intimate classes and provide a private space for parents who want exclusivity. Our Parent & Baby Spa program is unique and original. It is not be be confused with baby spa where the parents put their children in a neck ring and stand on the outside of the pools



This could be one of your biggest financial investments so we can help with that too. We have the resources to arrange finance for you with a payment plan to suit your needs.


If you are already running your own swimming business but can't find a pool due to the competition in your area, then we can provide you with the solution! No more searching, no more sweating about your existing pools contracts or the lack of hours available to hire. Building your own pool is the answer you have been searching for!


No matter how your pool is used – for a business, teaching, for games, for relaxation, or for exercise - the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.


Like a magnet, the family pool and especially the spa, encourage everyone to come together. Some call it bonding, others simply call it love. The kind that keeps families close. From fountains and waterfalls, jets and bubbles, we can transform any ordinary spa into an elegant retreat for parents who prefer that luxury experience