The world’s first Aqua Parent & Baby Spa Concept. A relaxing program where both parent & child bond together combing Paba Yoga movements and Aquababies swimming techniques.  The children can enjoy a sensory experience with jets and bubbles, colorful lights, music and especially lots of cuddles! This is an ideal franchise product where Aquababies can provide you your very own spa pool and an extensive training program to enable you to run a unique rewarding business.

  • Introduction
    This is a 30 minute aqua-based relaxing program for both parents and their babies.

  • Exercise

It is designed to improve parents' fitness and flexibility and to introduce babies to the water. The program is comprised of a series of slow paced, low impact exercises with elements of the tried and tested Aquababies swimming program. The concept of parents working out with their babies was born out of spending thousands of hours swimming with parents, listening to their concerns, observing them move in the water and recognising that they were already exercising. There was a universal desire to regain their figures and keep fit, but many could not or did not want to leave their babies. Hence this program was created, enabling parents to engage in a mutually beneficial exercise program with their babies.

  • Relaxing Time 
    Parents may choose to hire the pool purely for fun and bonding whilst relaxing and enjoying the sensory experience. The bubbles and jets fountain help to stimulate touch, colorful lights which helps stimulate sight and bubbles and music to stimulate our hearing.

  • Age Groups 
    There are two levels based on the age of the child. The first is for parents with babies up to 12 months; the second for toddlers from 12 months upwards. This two age groups ensures that the children are engaging in age and ability appropriate activities and that the workout program is adjusted accordingly.

  • Private Time Together 
    This program is also ideal for couples to enjoy quality time with their baby together in a private environment. The Spa area is private with fresh clean water each session. You can either have a teacher give you instruction on the combined techniques of swimming whilst enjoying the different sensations of the bubbles, lights and music. Or you can just hire the area for both parents to have fun and relax with their child.

  • Benefits For Parents


PABA Yoga is an excellent method of exercise which improves the fitness of the heart and lungs, tones the body and reduces fat. It is an ideal form of postpartum exercise as it is kinder to joints as the water supports some of the extra pregnancy weight. Body weight issues are important to postnatal women and exercising in a private spa helps to reduce self-consciousness.


This program also offers a outlet for parents to spend time together with young children, commonly cited as a valuable experience for new parents. The multi-sensory environment of the pool opens up whole new experiences for children. The classes are a good opportunity for parent/child bonding as they involve plenty of physical and eye contact and they also enjoy the an unique form of interaction.

  • Benefits For Babies 

Water is a great equalizer for babies and they can achieve some level of independence before they can crawl. The water provides support and they love the fun and freedom of the whole experience. More importantly, the classes will:

  • Provide water safety training
  • Build water confidence
  • Teach basic breathing exercises
  • Provide some of the basic foundations of swimming
  • Encourage physical, social and psychological development
  • Enhance their awareness
  • Improve eating and sleeping patterns
  • Promote co-ordination.

All this provides the foundation for an active and fit childhood, which is wholly beneficial.

Combining Experiences Into A Single Program 

Our experience of developing and delivering successful baby and toddler swimming programs for the past 20 years has given us a unique insight into this market. Parents are always commenting that they are getting a work out during the classes - an unexpected bonus! We are constantly evaluating our swimming program in the desire to be the best. It was through this process that we began to look at how we could incorporate more structured exercise and sensory methods into the baby swimming classes and so Parent & Baby Spa was born.


The course has been piloted over six months with several groups of parents internationally,with positive results. Babies are becoming water confident and learning the foundations of swimming, while parents are being taken through a carefully structured exercise program. Formal applications have been made to protect the program, which is ready to roll out nationally.

General Guidelines 

We suggest new mothers wait until their six week postpartum check before joining our classes and advise all new mothers to seek medical advice before undertaking any exercise programs.We do not insist babies are immunized before starting classes, as indeed many parents choose not to. However, we stress the importance of keeping the baby warm out of the water and not to attend the class if the baby is unwell.

Overview Of Client Benefits

  • Fun Sensory exercises that are in line with their child development stages
  • Brand new, innovative aqua experience
  • Joint activity for parent and baby
  • Excellent parent/baby bonding opportunities
  • Moderately paced, low impact, aqua yoga & swimming exercises
  • Paced to suit different levels of ability
  • Ideal for postpartum mothers
  • Provides water confidence, safety and the basic foundations of swimming for babies.