Our increasingly popular PABA (Parent and Baby Aquafit) program is returning to the UK this August whereby we will be running a UK PABA Roadshow!

PABA is a 30-minute Aqua-based fitness program for parents and babies. This program is Ideal for postpartum mothers (and fathers!) and is a great social outlet.


🔹 Brand new and innovative aqua exercise class
🔹 Joint activity for parent and baby
🔹 Excellent parent/baby bonding opportunities
🔹 Moderately paced, low impact, fat burning aqua aerobic exercises
🔹 Paced to suit different levels of ability
🔹 Ideal for postpartum mothers
🔹 Homogenous group is motivational
🔹 A social outlet for parents
🔹 Provides water confidence, safety and the basic foundations of swimming for babies.

If you are interested in attending a PABA workshop and have a suitable venue we could visit then get in touch.

Any qualified Swimming Teachers or Aquafit Instructors are welcome!

Please contact rachael.green@aquababiesglobal.com for more information

Find out more about PABA on our website: www.aquababiesglobal.com

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