Aquatic Wellness

Our programs include mindful practises which concentrate on Aquatic Health and Wellbeing, our programs consist of:

➡️ AnteNatal AquaYoga: Pre Natal mothers enjoy the wonderful properties & support of the water, feeling almost weightless whilst performing gentle breathing & relaxation exercises. Pure Bliss

➡️ Post Natal Yoga & Swimming: Alone time for new parent’s whey can rebuild &recoup, exercising in water improves sleep quality, reduces fluid retention & increases circulation too.

➡️ NewBorn, Mind, Bonding & Swim: For baby, This is a combination of calming sensory swimming & balance exercises for strength. For parent, grounding exercises & flowing movements with stretching. A bonding experience like no other

➡️ PABA Yoga for Parent & Baby: A similar program to Newborn but with more activity to help maintenance of cardio-vascular fitness, mobility and muscle tone for parent & the introductions of breathing & confidence exercises for parent & child.