NEW – Aquababies Global have released another date for our PABA workshop!

Calling all Aqua-fitness, Aqua-natal, Swim Teachers and Swim Schools! Do you want to add a new & innovative program to your timetable? PABA is the answer!

Here are some of the wonderful benefits listed below:

💧 Aquafit teachers can receive a bursary refund from EMDUK when attending the PABA workshop.

💧 Exercise for new parents can help elevate the symptoms of PND, Baby combines moderated exercises with sensory swimming techniques.

💧 PABA is so much fun, safe and very beneficial for parent & child. It is also new and innovative and can generate a secondary income for aqua and swim teachers.

💧 Social benefits – Working out with other like-minded people is a good motivational factor. Bodyweight issues are important to postnatal women and exercising in a homogenous group helps to reduce self-consciousness. This program also offers a social outlet for parents to meet other parents with young children, commonly cited as a valuable experience for new parents.

💧 Benefits for Babies – Water is a great equaliser for babies and they can achieve some level of independence before they can crawl. The water provides support and they love the fun and freedom of the whole experience.

💧 Physical benefits for Parents – Aqua Aerobics is an excellent method of exercise which improves the fitness of the heart and lungs, tones the body and can help to lose weight. It is an ideal form of postpartum exercise as it is kinder to joints and the water supports some of the extra pregnancy weight.

💧 More importantly, the classes will:

– Provide water safety training
– Build water confidence
– Teach basic breathing exercises
– Provide some of the basic foundations of swimming

For more information on our workshop please contact our office on

Sunday 27th October 12pm – 5pm:

The Rothesay

175 Lymington Road



BH23 4JS

Monday the 28th October 12pm – 5pm

The Best Western Hotel Royale

Gervis Road