Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Julie and Shane joined the Aquababies team in 2019 in a wellness developmental role and they are based in the UK.

With over 25 years of experience in health, wellness, personal transformational work and coaching, they focus on empowering both businesses and parents to shift from confusion to clarity, so that they can Unlock their Ultimate Potential and create more freedom, success and abundance in their lives.

By reducing stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and lack of clarity they help support people to create a positive mindset and achieve more calm and balance in their lives.

Their powerful and effective wellness method is beneficial for both business owners and parents who want to let go of negative thoughts and patterns so that they can become the very BEST version of themselves and create a healthy, positive and successful life.

Aquababies client special offer 

Our 45 Day ONLINE New Beginnings Mind Reset Programme will give you all the digital resources you need so that you can have more clarity and success in your life, even if right now you are feeling like you just want to hit the snooze button and wake up when it’s the weekend.

You will get fast and effective results so that you can start to see real changes in your life in as little as 7 days, with only 10 minutes daily practice. ONLINE New Beginnings Mind Reset Programme which includes digital resources of 19 videos, simple checklists, 45 Day Positive Inspiration Handbook and Coaching Handbook, all for a promotional £37! (T’s&C’s apply)

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Julie-Ann the CEO of Aquababies Global has personally worked with Julie and Shane and has written the following testimonial :

“As a successful business woman I have not allowed myself some “me “ time for many years.
One of the best investments I ever made was to join the 90 day Metamorphosis Programme with Julie whilst I was visiting the UK.
It has truly made such a huge difference in so many different areas of my life .

It has changed the way I deal with my business in such a positive manner. Old and unwanted situations are now firmly in the past and as a result of releasing blocks and old belief systems, I now find that I attract more opportunities for success and abundance.

It has also empowered me and given me confidence in my personal life. I finally have my self worth back again and I am so very grateful.“