Useful information for swim school’s re-opening

Here in the UK, Swim Schools are required to remain closed until at least July, however preparations can start being made for when we get the go ahead. In many parts of the world swimming pools are starting to re-open and restrictions are being lifted. Depending where you are in the world, different guidelines may apply.

Take a look at the post below from the STA which gives very useful information.

In the COVID-19 Swim Schools Re-opening Guidance document we published last week, one of the suggestions was for swim schools to create a short friendly video – to show customers what they can expect when the swimming pool reopens (to reassure them) – and we’ve just spotted this walk-through video from C-Me Swim – Cairns leading learn to swim school which is a really good visual example (it is Australia so please bear in mind that the rules might be slightly different here in the UK when we reopen – please simply use as an idea).
Note: The government regulations here in the UK do clearly state that all swimming pools, including indoor, outdoor, private and school pools, are to remain closed until early in July, at least.

Walk through video – COVID-19 Restrictions

Please follow these protocols during the Stage 1 and 2 restrictions. Thank you for helping us to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Posted by C-Me Swim – Cairns leading learn to swim school on Tuesday, 26 May 2020