Life as we know it isn’t what we call ‘normal’. We have all experienced different challenges depending on our circumstances.
What makes the franchise market so successful and reasonably unharmed?
According to a recent study, the franchise industry is worth over £17 billion and has proven it has a lot to offer to the UK economy as a key player in the UK business world. Unlike traditional start-up businesses, the rate of failure is extremely low, with less than 1% of franchised businesses closing due to failure. The industry even remained steady during the last recession, showing the strength and longevity of the franchise business model.
Franchising is a reliable business model for both the franchisee and the franchisor. For the franchisee, it’s a lot less risky than opening a business from scratch and so by opening a registered franchise business, you are provided with an existing, proven business model. For the franchisor the risk of failure is also reduced as expansion through franchising is a lot more affordable than company-owned expansion, with considerably less upfront capital needed.
Joining a reputable brand also protects you and gives you all the tools you need to start up your very own business!
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