Aquababies Nappy Cover - Required in all pools.

The neoprene Aquababies Nappy prevents leakage of those unwanted leaks protecting your baby, you and all the other pool users.  The snug fitting nappy covers all of the baby's bottom nice and tightly, the soft but effective ribs made from nylon Lycra mix are designed to grip around the tummy and thigh to hold the neoprene nappy in place on the most wriggly toddler.

Aquababies Wrap/Wetsuits - Suggested for some pools

Aquababies wrap/wetsuits are durable, comfortable and will help your baby stay in the water happily for longer, by keeping them 1-2 degrees warmer than they would be without it.



Aquababies have partnered with Orby Swimwear to provide Aquababies branded wetsuits/wraps and swim nappies.


Orby is an award winning and exciting range of children’s swimwear designed with the development of swimming skills as the top priority.

Developed in conjunction with experienced professionals from the UK’s swimming industry, as well as one of Ireland’s top Universities, we are proud to introduce the next generation of swimwear for children, which we believe is the most innovative ever to come to market.

Orby swimwear can help your child master the synergy of movement in the water and ultimately evolve how we teach our kids to swim.

Made with Neoprene and Lycra fabrics.


RRP £12, Our price £10



The Orby Nappy is designed to keep all incidents well within the confounds of the baby's own nappy. All good practice in todays swimming environments state that a double layering system for babies is used - it keeps baby safe and warm and offers peace of mind for parents in the water.

Like the rest of the Orby range, it’s made from high quality neoprene fabric, is fast drying.

The Orby Nappy offers UPF 50+ sun block and makes wriggling tots easier to hold, both in and out of the water.


Sizes: 0-3Mths, 3-6Mths, 6-12Mths, 1-2yrs


RRP £20, Our price £12

  • FOR BABIES - designed specifically to keep babies warm in water so they can enjoy swimming without getting cold
  • QUALITY - made from super-stretchy, soft, 2mm double lined neoprene - the material used for manufacturing wetsuits. The quality finish of our Neoprene swim vests makes wriggling tots easier to hold, both in and out of the water
  • Neoprene
  • MORE FUN - in trials, babies wearing an Orby Wrap stayed in the water for 100% longer than they would without the baby wet suit
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - our Orby Wrap range is suitable for babies from birth to 2 yrs old. The soft, super stretchy neoprene is adjustable for a perfect fit
  • PROTECTION - not only will the Orby Wrap protect your baby from the sun with UPF 50+ sun block but it also protects barrier cream, keeping it in place, so babies with sensitive skin don't miss out on all the fun of swimming

Sizes: 0-3Mths, 3-6Mths, 6-12Mths, 1-2yrs


Email info.surrey@aquababiesglobal.com or call 07766 242572