We are here to help you start your wonderful water exploration journey together.

Our unique fun, yet effective, learning approach combines:

Sensory, Learn by touch & Exploration

Learn by Play, aids in their emotional and physical development.

A progressive structure that works with development milestones to help transition to swimming as early as possible

This technique ensures both parent & child enjoy their learning & water education experience together.

Our guide to assist you every step of the way.....

All classes run over a 4-week period

Each class for babies is ½ hour for Kiddies and ¾ hour

Baby classes are from birth to 12 months old

Toddler classes are from 13 months to 3 years

Aquakidides 5 to 8 years Beginners, Intermediate, Improvers

8 years to 10 years Level 4



Our Babies have three progressive stages of class

Angel fish     ------     Jellyfish     ------     Clown fish



The Toddler classes also follow three stages

Seahorse   ------       Baby Seal    ------     Turtle



Penguin  ------ Platypus(or Dolphin)   ------  Dolphin   ------    Whale   ------    Shark



Let’s look at the different stages

BABIES are taught with a series of lesson plans with progressive fun outcomes. Each week is different, we teach with a building block approach, with exercises of safety, water exploration & strengthening.


Angel: Stage 1 (6 weeks to 4 months) The beginning of learning to swim,  each week we aim to teach the parents something new. We progress naturally to introduce underwater swims when and if they are ready.


Jellyfish: Stage 2 (4 - 12 months) A natural progression, lots more to learn through sensory stimulation which helps to strengthen babies and learn by play which helps to nurture imagination and give a child a sense of adventure. Children are comfortable and may progress to more underwater swimming if ready.

Clownfish: Stage 3 (Advanced Babies) if your baby has already been swimming and is confident, we work with you to improve your skills together and increase stamina.


TODDLERS (13 months - 3 years)

Seahorse: New Level 1

During your child's first time swimming, we aim to promote water confidence, whist teaching safety, survival and swimming skills. Each week we have a theme, different learn-by play & sensory exercises too, with an emphasise on a fun yet effective swimming program.


Baby Seal: Level 2

We focus on promoting co-ordinate swimming movements with breathing exercises, with the aim of getting them to swim independently as soon as they are ready..

Both Levels can be taught together as our teachers can teach each child individually whilst being in a group. If your child is a new 3 years & nervous they can join too.


Turtle: (Advanced Toddlers) Are very experienced therefore we advance all skills to aim for independent swimming as soon as they are ready.




Penguin 3 years+

For experienced swimmers who are not yet ready to swim on their own. This class is more disciplined than a toddler class. The parents are in the pool to be teachers assistants, therefore both parent & child need to apply listening skills so that we can prepare the children to move to a class without their parents. We still have fun through structured play.

Platypus: (3. 5 - 7 years) Stage 1 (Beginners)  

For beginners, the aim is to promote water confidence and independent swimming whilst introducing swimming skills.

Parents need patience as we also have to teach child safety skills through learning to listen. It takes time to build trust.

Dolphin: Stage 2 (Intermediate)

Children must be able to swim a minimum of 5 metres,  we focus on developing the fundamental swimming foundations skills.

Whale: Stage 3

The children must be able to swim a minimum of 10 metres on the freestyle and backstroke. Our aim is to improve & develop both strokes & introduce breaststroke and butterfly.

Sharks: Stage 4

The children must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres on the front & back, we also focus on dives, turns & treading water.



We can help you to become confident, improve your stroke or teach advanced techniques

Adults, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.



Any age can have private lessons.

If parents with babies do not want to get into the pool then you have to manage their expectations.

Babies up to 3months may only last 10 minutes, up to 6 months 20 minutes until they build up to 1/2 hour.

From 6months - 15months children may need their parents so it may take longer to learn to build the trust for swimming but anything is possible it just takes patience.


1+1 = 1 teacher with 1 child or 1 adult

2+1 =1 teacher with 2 children

2+1= 2 parents & child with one teacher (During the day only)

Private Group exclusive pool for the group only. Specific Times

Our team of caring teachers can really make a difference, we believe in encouraging children to have fun while learning lifelong

Swimming, Water safety & Survival skills.